The Atomic LA Project

The Atomic LA Project
Hey guys!
This week and next we have and will continue to be working on a pilot project in Los Angeles that has been really fun to push through, and we thought we'd once again- now on the new forums- share it with you!
You can follow us on our Twitter [twitter]AtomicTX[/twitter] and check out behind-the-scenes photos and developments hour-by-hour on our Facebook Fan Page.
On this project we've been location-scouting, driving everywhere you could think of about and in-between the greater Los Angeles area (South Central, East LA, Hollywood, Downtown, Burbank, etc.), running casting, visiting prop shops, and rehearsing and it's all been really fun to get pumped for/doing. We're working with John Redlinger (from INEBRIATION) and Chase Arrington (from tons of our stuff, and Brocial Network) in a modern-ish 'Three Amigos' sort of tale, and we can't wait to share the final thing with you guys!
If you're interested and want to keep track of this, please do- like I said- check out our social media links and follow our development along the way!


  • Wow this looks pretty great, what is it about? Can we have some sort of synopsis?
  • Unfortunately we can't give a synopsis quite yet, but if you look to the Facebook page for Atomic you can check out the teaser poster and get more info.
  • Sweet thanks!
  • I like it already. :D
    It's got that weird... um... I don't know... Hangover-ish type of feel?
    Only Atomic style! :) Can't wait to watch this.

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