AVI won't import, here's my pc specs

Hi, I'm testing this software and although I can load small files, like a 5 minute mpeg 4, I cannot load an AVI file.
When I try to load a standard NTSC 60 minute AVI, Hitfilm trys to open, it trys but just won't load the file and eventually I give up and use the task manager (it says software is not responding) to shut down Hitfilm.
Here's my PC specs, I think you'll see everything looks good - but perhaps the video card???
I'm running Hitfilm Standard, 64 bit.
Aspire 5517
AMD Athlon TF-20
1.60 GHZ
64Bit operating
Windows 7 home premium
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Total Available Graphics Memory 1406MB
Dedicated video memory 256MB
System Video Memory 0MB
Shared System Memory 1150MB
And I'm running display:
1366 x 768 True
Color 32 bit
Thank you in advance for your help.


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