HF Logo Fun

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I was thinking we could have a HF logo-redo contest. Not that anything's wrong with it, just to let out some creativity. I like to see other's work, no matter good or bad, it's all good to me.
That YT really compresses too much, but if you let this play a couple times, it'll smooth out.


  • Nifty. That shiny, multi-colored cube is pretty sweet. How much of this cube was done in Hitfilm?
    Also, that's a jamming soundtrack.
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    That's the standard logo mirroring around in there. The video was rendered from HF (with a little help). Soundtrack is "borrowed" from "FX".
    I was thinking if we all did some kind of HF promo and put on YT, we can build the ranks faster, and get on with conquering the world :)

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