Super Bowl XLVI - Patriots vs. Giants

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So... who are you guys rooting for to win the Super Bowl? This year, it's a rematch from four years ago, where the New York Giants capped a miraculous upset with a last-second touchdown to end the New England Patriots bid for an unprecedented perfect 19-0 season. Now, both teams are back in the Super Bowl for the first time since that game.
Being a die-hard New England fan, I'm obviously rooting for my Patriots to avenge their loss and further their status as one of, if not the greatest football "dynasties" of all-time. I really pull for them... because I really believe that with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, they are one of the greatest teams of all-time. I really buy into their hardcore, completely selfless, team-first philosophy; one that minimizes the accomplishments and statistics racked up by individual players, and instead pours all their focus into what the team can achieve together. It's very rare that you see this kind of attitude (and as a result, success) in professional sports... so I'm obviously excited to see how far they can go, and possibly ultimately become the greatest team in history.
Let's see... what other storylines? If the Patriots win, Tom Brady will break the record for "most playoff wins by a quarterback", and he and Bill Belichick will break and/or tie all kinds of other random records that they haven't already broken together. If the Giants win, then they'll officially become the one team that "owns" the Patriots, and Eli Manning will have (unbelievably) won more Super Bowls (2) than his big brother Peyton (1).
Oh... and apparently Massachusetts native Andrew Stanton screened "John Carter" for both teams yesterday. Lucky.
But yeah, who are you guys rooting for to win the big game?


  • I don't care about the game. I only care about the cool commercials.
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    Aside from the awesome movie spots... there are always one or two ads every year that really impress me. Last year was the Darth Vader Volvo commercial, of course. I'm kind of getting sick of all the beer and Doritos commercials though. Not only are there so many of them throughout the game... they seem to have gotten less and less funny the past few years.
  • Remember the Hulu ad that had Alec Baldwin talking about how Hulu is this evil alien creation to turn the public's brains into mush so the aliens can feed on us? They're doing another similar thing this year, with Will Arnett. Frankly, I'm starting to think there's more to that than just a gag. Anyone seen Carpenter's "They Live"? Yeah. ;)
    I never watch the superbowl. I've probably watched it twice in my life. If people make a huge fuss over a handful of the commercials, I'll watch the most popular ones, but other than that, I could not care less about football in general. The thing I look forward to most about the superbowl is the fact that it will be over and I won't have to hear about football for a few months.
  • I don't really understand people getting excited about actual commercials. That seems like some kind of sign of the ultimate disintegration of human society and progress, but maybe that's just me.
    Not into the game myself, being a) British and B-) not interested in sport. :)
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    I don't really understand people getting excited about actual commercials. That seems like some kind of sign of the ultimate disintegration of human society and progress, but maybe that's just me.

    I think it could be argued that getting excited about watching a bunch of grown men in tights slamming into each other and chasing a ball for four hours has approximately the same effect.
    But in all actuality, the superbowl is all about the advertising. It's no different from any other football game, except that businesses are willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money to play their ads during the multitude of time-outs that have no real reason for occurring, except to provide ad space. So, not much different from any other televised sporting event, I guess... Except for the halftime show, which also only exists to sell products (the performers) and apparently, to stir up some contrived and artificial controversy when it inevitably doesn't go off without a hitch. Silly.
  • It's curious watching it from outside the US, because there's literally no coverage AT ALL of the sporting event itself, but a ton of coverage of the MIA non-incident and the various adverts/trailers. Kinda sad, really, for people who are genuine fans of the sport.
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    Even IN the US, that's the only thing I've seen reported on. I seriously have no idea who won the game. Not that I really care, but still...
    Edit: Okay, after checking CNN, it appears it was New York who won. They're still not actually talking about the game, just people celebrating that the team won. I'm sure I could find plenty of sports coverage if I actually gave a piss, though. ;)
  • I think part of the reason the commercials have become events in of themselves is the water cooler effect. When you look at the stats (111 million average viewers with 163 million watching at least part of the game) that is a huge number. So the commercials (3.5 million cost last i heard) try to be as memorable as possible so its fun to see what companies come up with.
    I for one, don't follow football at all - but whatever Superbowl party I go to, I root for the opposing team just to watch people's blood boil.
  • Being a massive NFL fan (have been for over 20 years) I thought it was a good game. Sadly we don't get the US commercials showing spots for all the new summer big release movies (Still YouTube has them minutes after).
    This comment is mainly for JawaJohnny: I thought New England would have done it this year and I would have put money on Brady getting a TD in the last few seconds.
    Good game though
  • It was a great game. I'm not quite as upset as many New England fans are, simply because I know the Patriots overachieved by a mile this year. No one (even Patriot fans) thought this team could make it to the Super Bowl. Of course, it does hurt that once again, they came thisclose to pulling it off. It was really one of those games where "the way the ball bounces" determines the outcome. The Patriots had several missed opportunities to put the game away... but just didn't have luck on their side. They'll be back next year though, guaranteed. They have two rookie running backs who will hopefully develop in their second year much like Gronkowski and Hernandez, Chad Ochocinco will have have a full offseason to learn the playbook, and they have two first round draft picks which will hopefully shore up the weak defense. Plus, Josh McDaniels will be back as offensive coordinator. I was never a big fan of Bill O'Brien in that position, despite everyone else thinking he was doing such a great job.
    One other comment on the actual game: This has to have been the only championship game in history where the winning points were scored by accident. Bradshaw falling into the endzone while trying not to score was simply hilarious.
    Does everyone agree that the commercials were downright terrible? I really can't think of more than one or two that were at all entertaining.

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