Tips for customising your HitFilm profile

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Here's a few quick tips for getting more out of the custom profiles on the HitFilm community, from us-in-the-know.
Facebook fan pages are supported as well as personal profiles
Since my own Facebook profile is full of useless gibberish, I've chosen to add the Lightmill Films fan page instead. To do this, get a custom Facebook vanity URL for your page, then pop the full URL in the box (e.g.
Vimeo channels are supported
I don't personally upload to Vimeo, but I do contribute to LightmillFilms' work, and moderate our channel on Vimeo. To add a channel to your page, add the full URL:

The "add your blog" box supports both Atom and RSS2 feed types
If your blog feed is in either of these popular formats, it should display well on the profile pages (of course, if it doesn't, let us know ;)).
Some blogging platforms allow you to filter your RSS feed
If you're using Wordpress for example, you can do something like ""; to just show posts tagged "madagascar", or ""; to only show posts in category 18 (I found the category numbers via my admin panel).
You can customise your Profile from your own profile page, and from the Community hub (Personalize tag, top right).


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