Old VisionLab filter.

Hi, firstly sorry for the vagueness of the title but I wonder if anyone may be able to help.
I have a copy of the BeachLanding/Superheros DVD for VisionLab (Which I can't locate right now) and under the superhero section there was advice on how to boost the quality/colour of the green of your greenscreen without it amending any of the other colours of your film.
I can't for the life of me remember what filter was used for this and wondered if there was a similar one for HitFilm as I could do with boosting the colour of my greenscreen.
Again sorry if this is a bit vague and thanks to anyone who can advise.
Many thanks


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    I think I know what you mean... In VisionLab there was a section called "Key grade", where you can apply grading filters that will only be used for keying to give a better result, but they won't be applied to the footage in the actual project. I remember it being useful, but as far as I know, there's no way to do this in HitFilm. That would be awesome!
    But for the time being, here's a (although kind of complicated) workaround: Create a copy of the layer you want to key and adjust it's grading how you want it for the key to be, then apply the key and turn the whole thing into a comp shot, and finally use this comp shot as the alpha matte for the original clip which you can now grade as you like without the key being affected.
  • Key Grade.! That's what it was called. Thanks for the reply Robin. Your layer idea is a pretty nifty idea. I'll give that a go. Thanks for the advice
  • Yep, Robin is spot-on, as far as the best way to replicate the effect of a Key Grade in HitFilm. Alternately, because all effects are applied in the same list in Hitfilm, you could for example apply Saturation, then your Key, then another Saturation to counteract the first one. So if the first instance of the Hue, Stauration & Lightness effect had the saturation set to 30, then in the one after the Key, set it to -30, and the colors will return to their original values.
  • Another great idea thank you Axel. I didn't get a chance to fire up HF over the weekend so will give both options a try. Again thanks to you both for your help.!

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