Hey guys I need some help. I shot a video for a Realtor's website, and he wants it in a FLA format. I have Sony Vegas Pro 11, but FLA, is Adobe, any ideas?


  • Are you sure he doesn't need it in FLV (Flash Video)? FLA files are Flash Authoring files as far as I know (like the source project in Flash).
  • Yah, because it is going to be used it a web site.
  • But then they need an FLV file, not an FLA file (which normally is a FLASH source file, not a file to publish on the web)
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    3dmus is right - FLA is like a project file, and FLV is a delivery format, so I suspect your client is just using the wrong term.
    You can use lots of transcoding software to create FLV files - Adobe Media Encoder, Sorenson Squeeze or many others. FLV is now a pretty old format for web delivery though - a lot of people make h264 mp4 files, as most Flash players can use these, but they are also compatible with HTML5.
    It might be worth speaking to the client's web guy - he may be able to do the conversion, or at least tell you the specs he needs, or if he can take a better format.
  • I agree with you, and have already told him to have his guys call me.
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    The .flv container, commonly called Flash by Adobe, originally contained the VP6 Codec made by ON2 (OGG Theora people), and licensed to Adobe.
    A couple years ago, Google bought the ON2 company and became the new owner of VP6, and all the other codecs Adobe had been licensing.
    So Adobe got stuck between a rock and a hard place, and had to move to H264 quickly, and create a new "Adobe Extension", because .MP4 was already associated with Apple, so they came up with F4V.
    YouTube still uses .FLV, and puts H264 in them. So you can say that .FLV belongs more to YouTube, than to Adobe.
    Anyway, my point is that .FLV can be anything nowadays, and the extensions are more to trigger a specific player, rather than to carry a specific codec. In other words, it's political, rather than technical.
    The main consideration for a client would be "how" the content will be displayed. If an embedded player is used then it doesn't matter the extension because you have exclusive control.
    On the other hand, if you absolutely want the Adobe player to load, you need to use .F4V. Just render from Vegas as "Sony AVC/AAC" 10K preset, and rename the extension to .F4V.
    If the client insists on a VP6 codec with an .flv extension, and it doesn't work, you can point out that his player's embed code just needs to be updated to call an H264 decoder.

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