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Hello all,
I've started getting Email notifications from Hitfilm.Com forums to tell me someone has replied to a thread i have myself started or contributed to.
When i open the message it has the link to the particular thread but i cant click on it and auto go the the forum thread. I have to cut & past the link into a new window so i can see it.
Unless it's something i've overlooked myself, could these links be clickable so my IE window opens automatically ????
<--- Thinks the answer i get might bring on a little embarrasment :D
Cheers HitFilmers


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    Thank you very much for the feedback pscamm! We will look into adding this as soon as we can.
    Out of interest what email client do you use? Most of them will auto link URLs.
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    Hello Rikki,
    Im in the UK, Talk Talk is my ISP and i use Hotmail for email
    The Fxhome forums always gives me a clickable link which would open up a new window
  • Rikki,
    Just one more thing, i now have posts in a few Hitfilm.Com threads, in the Fxhome forum i would get an email notification if there was a post in a forum i either started or posted on, i would only get this once even though 100 more people might have posted after the email notification.
    At this moment, im getting an email for every person who adds a post to these threads, i had 9 email notifications today, as you can imagine this is driving me nuts.
    Is this to do with one of my account settings cos i cant work it out if it is.
    Thanks for any help Rikki
  • If you go into your Account, then Settings, and select Notification Settings you can control this stuff. You can select exactly which things you get emailed about by ticking the respective boxes in the list. You can control how many emails you get using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. "Immediate Notification" will send an email immediately, any time someone posts a response. "Daily Digest" will send an email once a day to let you know. I'm not entirely sure about "Delayed Notification"; I'm not sure how much delay it adds or how it works. One of the webteam can give more details.

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