Is there anybody out there? (not the Pink Floyd song)

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Woe, 192 and a half pages of spam!  Whoever it is is using a might powerful program. There are multiple entries for the same time stamp. To create profiles and then upload the spam 20+ entries a minute..........CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Holy cow! This post is sliding down the list of entries fast!

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    Good thing I bookmarked this post. Another 3 pages of spam since my last entry!

    I don't know why I'm doing this........curiosity I guess.

  • Thanks for letting us know @StormyKnight!

    The spammers struck while we were all enjoying a relaxing Sunday at the end of the festive season, so it took longer to react than normal. All is well now though, and preventative measures are being taken  for the future.

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    @DanielGWood - Hi Daniel! Happy New Year! Nice to see you 'round the forums again. Hope to hear from you more. Is your mission to Botswana over or are you still involved over there?

  • Happy New Year to you too (or HNY2U2 as I think it's expressed these days...)!

    I've been back at FXHOME for about a year now, following Madagascar. Still involved with that charity in my spare time, but needed a paying job again, so very chuffed when I could come back here!

    Not been on the forums a huge amount in the last year though - been a while since I've done any filmmaking to be honest.

  • I saw you pop in and out a couple times. I didn't know about Madagascar. That's really cool! Kudos to you for your volunteering spirit!

    And thanks for teaching me a new word- chuffed. I had to look that one up. :^)

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