Super 8 (Movie) happened where I live???

Hey guys -- I had kind of a weird movie experience tonight!
I don't actually see many movies, but my daughter got me the DVD "Super 8" (JJ Abrams) and we watched it tonight. They don't say a lot about where the town "Lillian" is in the movie, but there's a brief shot of the cops looking at a map (about 49:20 in the dvd) that shows where all the local dogs have been found after having run away. The map they show is a real map of the rural area where I live, with a fictional "Lillian" added in, and another local town removed. (Sorry, New Lebanon, Ohio! You've been erased.)
Click here to view a frame grab:
[attachment=187:Super8 Map.png]
Anyway, it was just a really strange, unexpected thing to see in a movie, especially since the area where I live is rural, small town Ohio. I live just "a few pixels" south-west of the tiny little town "West Alexandria" (about 1400 people) shown near the center of the map. All the other towns shown -- Dayton, Eaton, Oxford, Brookville, etc. -- are also real towns and are accurately shown on the map.
It makes me curious how they chose this map. Did they throw a dart at a map of the US? Was somebody on the crew (props, set design, etc.) from this area or went to school around here? Really strange and unexpected. Although I guess in the premise of the film -- the Air Force shipping secret stuff from Area 51 to Ohio -- it's plausible to use this specific area because Dayton is home to a very substantial Air Force base (Wright-Patterson) -- which was even rumored in the 1970's to be storing the bodies of space aliens. :)
Otherwise, though, the scenes in the movie don't really look like anything around here. I see it was shot in West Virginia. This area (Preble County) is generally very flat.
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    Strange they wouldn't just pick a Lillian that actually existed on a map rather than edit the map. But who knows why they do these things.
    I live in Racine, WI and while watching "Bird on a Wire" with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn, Mel says in one scene that he needs to get to Racine, Wisconsin. My eyes got real wide in surprise wondering how they filmed some scenes here in town without anyone knowing....I'm not really THAT naive.... but my wonder was soon addressed as a chase scene through China Town ensued. There is no China Town in Racine, WI. Wonder if they meant the one in....Ohio!?! :))

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