Imbrium Films elects HitFilm as exclusive compositor

Greetings to the folks at HitFilm and the awesome support community here! Earlier today we announced at our website that we, after much deliberation, have elected to exclusively use HitFilm Ultimate in our compositing work. Kudos to all at HitFilm for developing a great product that creatives can really use without the unnecessarily high cost associated with other comparable products! Keep up the good work.
Ken Nash
Director, Imbrium Films


  • Great to hear Ken, we look forward to seeing what you do with the software :)
  • Just posted our new bumper on our YouTube page as well as our website. If you all here wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate any feed back you have on it. You can find it posted at
    Thanks for you time!
    Ken Nash
    Director, Imbrium Films
  • Hummph! What a coincidence, I TOO have chosen HitFilm exclusively. I wonder which one of us chose it first? :)
  • No Doubt, it would likely be you. We've been using various other software for some time. After the changes to Final Cut and the cost of After Effects and Premiere we decided it was time to switch it up. We're very impressed with the results. At this point we're just hoping to do as well with it as some of the outstanding work we've already seen from other users.

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