Time Remapping for future release

First I want to say that I'm absolutely astounded by Hitfilm! It really is an amazing piece of software. :)
Ok back on topic, I just wanted to suggest that it would be really cool if a future release of Hitfilm featured a time-remapping feature similar to what is in After Effects. Is this something you guys have discussed implementing further down the line?


  • Thanks corby! You're quite right, time remapping would be amazing in HitFilm.
    Corridor Digital discussed this functionality with us and its absolutely something we want to do. Keep an eye on the news because we'll be sure to tell you all what we're working on! :)
    Thanks :D
  • Great to hear! :D
  • That would be a good implementation. It was possible in VisionLabStudio to do this by changing the duration or speed of clips.
  • Time remapping as discussed here is a bit more complex than anything VisionLab could handle, Baramdo_Filmer. It involves changing the speed of a clip progressively, so it gradually slows down into slow motion, or speeds up gradually, rather than just changing the speed of an entire clip, or abruptly changing the speed.
  • @Axel, as I read through this I was really hoping someone would tell me what that was, and now that I know, that sounds like an awesome addition to Hitfilm! Would it be for ultimate only or both?

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