Use offline?

Can I use this offline with full functionality? It mentions in the "features" that there are presets and things, but is that library online and each preset needs to be downloaded? Also, it mentions tying your online profile to your account. Is a sign-in required to access all functionality of the software?
basically, my setup involves a regular everyday computer, and another for editing that I leave disconnected from the internet to avoid any viruses or auto-updates bogging me down, most "services" are disabled too.
UPDATE: Someone just asked this while I was registering and writing and got a reply, but not to my specific questions. I know it CAN be used offline, but what features, if any, are lost?


  • Currently all the presets are included with the installer, you do not need to be online to use those. We certainly appreciate that many people edit on a computer that is not connected to the internet, and will always try to make all features work in an offline mode where possible.
    The features you will lose when running offline are basically all the things related to the internet integration. So things like; community updates (e.g. the home screen), software update notifications, automatic manual updates, youtube export.
  • Great! Thanks! And I love how you FXHome folks seem so excited and happy to support your users. It's extremely reassuring.

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