Can you use this?

Wife gave me part of my Christmas present early, a new midi keyboard for my recording studio.
You guys are welcome to this. WAV format. I'll leave it up for a week or so. Can post in other formats on request. Probably make a good under credits bed. Piano-drums-strings.
I'll never do anything with it........


  • Nice, do you do a lot of composing?
  • edited December 2011
    Thank you Simon. Yes I do compose/write alot.
    I bought HitFilm to try my hand at making videos to go along with my original music.
    Absolute newbie to video. Only been working with the medium for 2 months. In that time with the help of HitFilm I have been able to do these:
    All effects and comps done in HitFilm. HitFilm is just so darn suprerior when it comes to green screening and effects controls.
    Now if I can just learn more about lighting technique......

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