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Max suggested recently that it'd be good to have a topic dedicated to techniques and ideas for promoting your work and making sure it gets seen. And, lo, it was done.
So let us know: How do you get the word out? What techniques have you used to spread the word? Have you had any big successes online? Have you had a video 'go viral'? Do you have experience of film festivals? Maybe you've got official cinema/DVD/TV distribution for a project?
There's nothing worse than working for months on a project, only for nobody to watch it. Let's share our knowledge to figure out some of the things we can all do to raise awareness of our work.
To kick things off, here's a few tips of my own...
[size="6"]Arms Race[/size]
Back at the end of 2010 the group I'm a part of, It's A Trap, released Arms Race. It was a zero budget steampunk action/VFX short set in an alternate Crimean War.
In a year it's had over 32,000 views. While that isn't exactly life changing, it is pretty good for a niche project - especially when you consider we only put in a single week of actual promotion, back at launch. 32,000 views for minimal effort is a good ratio, and is still a big enough number to make everybody on the production feel good about themselves.
We'd planned for a while to have a local premiere of the short film. Cast and crew and friends would be invited, and we combined it with a sci-fi themed quiz to make the evening something memorable (this is a good tip in itself - premiering a short film can be a bit of an anti-climax, given their duration. Combining it with something else works well). What we hadn't planned was the broader, online debut.
[size="5"]Establishing a web presence[/size]
So rather last minute I created a website for the film over at, based on a simple ready-to-go template. I also created a series of posters based on key characters from the film, which you can check out here: Race posters?h=0e3c62

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