Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

When the first trailer for this was released, we had a bit of a discussion about it on Fxhome, and I was one of the folks who said, "Psh, whatever this looks like crap." Maybe I was the only one... I loved the first M:I movie, and the second one was just terrible, so I never bothered with the third one. I still haven't seen that one, and frankly, kinda forgot about it until today. Gonna watch it soon, I promise.
Anyway, I was extremely surprised to see that right now this has a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes (With only 19 reviews in, but still, that's pretty good.) I completely expected this to end up being a standard action movie with nothing particularly interesting about it, despite Brad Bird directing, but I think I'm going to have to change my viewpoint on it now.
I figured there's probably bound to be some discussion about this, since it releases this Friday, so I may as well jump the gun on starting a thread. Think of it as my way of apologizing for almost certainly being wrong about this movie. ;)


  • If you liked the first one then I'd definitely advise watching the third one. The second one didn't do much for me either and I found it to be boring, but 3 was excellent and JJ Abrams did a great job. If Ghost Protocol is better than 3 then I can only imagine how much I'll love it.
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    I'm going to watch it right now actually. I think it'll be worth being super tired at work tomorrow.
    Edit: Watched it. It was awesome. I can't believe I waited this long to see it. :)
  • I've not seen MI3 either, really should do something about that.
    As for MI4:
  • Agreed - first was great, second naff, third most enjoyable, and the fourth looks really good. Looking forward to seeing this almost as much as Sherlock Holmes 2.
  • This movie will probably be better that GI Joe 2 MI 4 has some great effects in it! Like the russian building exploding, going to see it this saturday night!
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    I'm really looking forward to this, but dear goodness I hope that song from the trailer isn't in the movie. I'm really looking forward to seeing Brad Bird's transition from animation to live action though. Methinks he will do splendidly.

  • I'm really looking forward to this, but dear goodness I hope that song from the trailer isn't in the movie.

    But... that song rules? Really though, I agree. I can't imagine hearing an Eminem song in a Mission Impossible movie. It does work really well for the trailer though.
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    Ah, the song in the trailer works for some people I guess. It ruined this trailer a bit for me, but I'm still quite excited about the film.
    If you watch trailer 2 here: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/paramount/missionimpossibleghostprotocol/ -- that's all sorts of awesome.
  • Ya that song worked really well for the trailer I thought.
    @Aculag: Told you MI:3 was great!
  • I've literally been saying M:I3 was great since May 5, 2006. The day it came out. The day I saw it. The source I use and cite most often as inspiration for starting in media-res.
    Also, M:I4 is an awesome awesome awesome movie. Easily top of the year material. I liked Mission Impossible 3 more for being more grounded and gritty and JJ Abrams-high-contrast-lens flare-y, but Ghost Protocol is great in a whole different manner.
    It's decidedly less serious, and plays more to humor similar to the teetering tones of action and levity The Incredibles held. But it works not in the same way 'I'm going into this wanting more of M:I3 and Tom Cruise/Phillip Seymour Hoffman faceoff-style' would be, but it's a completely worthy next installment in the franchise and equally-strong standalone film itself.
    Ghost Protocol plays to lofty expectations and impossible extremes, but it does so with finesse and a seamed self-awareness of its own preposterousness. It isn't without it's moments of gravity, but the movie never tries too hard to hammer it in, either- and I think most will appreciate this. It's an expertly cast, implausibly cool, masterfully-assembled film. Hugely recommended.
    And, duh, this pretty much cements Brad Bird's ability as a live-action director and go-to guy for commanding tentpole features with artistic wit and grace.
  • Loved it, entertaining all the way and fast-paced. As Andrew says, utterly preposterous but very watchable. One particular criticism though: the title sequence. I'm not a fan of films giving away all the key moments in the titles, because I spend the next 10 minutes piecing them together and any plot is ruined.

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