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I was disappointed by the first one when it came out. It had some cool stuff (the Paris scene) but overall it was flat. This one looks a lot more awesome though! Hopefully it leaves up to the trailer. One thing I already love about this one is how real it looks. The first one had fake CG sets everywhere.
Thoughts? I'm looking forward to seeing how they make this sequel when over half the cast of the original one are gone. Channing Tatum is back, but it doesn't seem that he's even the main character.


  • hmmm really Bruce Willis???????
    Yea it does seem like almost no one has returned for this movie. Here's hoping
  • Heh, looks quite fun, if entirely random. I didn't bother watching the first one as it looked like a terrible CGI-fest throwback to the 1990s (like every other movie directed by Stephen Sommers), but this looks like a slightly more legitimate action movie.
    In fact, the last few years has seen a bit of a return to form for the action movie, which is cool.
  • Funnily enough, I only watched the first one last week and quite enjoyed it :) Yes, you need to switch your brain off as its mindless fun :D
    Looking forward to the next one.
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    In fact, the last few years has seen a bit of a return to form for the action movie, which is cool.

    It's because people are hiring Bruce Willis again. ;)
    I was going to post some snide remark about how you can sum up this trailer by saying, "EXPLOSIONS, NINJAS, BRUCE WILLIS", but then I realized that actually sounds pretty awesome.
  • Here is my problem. Where is the main cast?????????????????? Road block and the rest were not the main cast. Where is scralet at? I did not even see any mention of who plays cobra commander.......? I hate when they do this to movies! Nice mountain scene with the fighting ninjas!
  • Here's hoping if this one does good the 'main' cast can return for a third one. Although the only ones I really care about seeing again is the Baroness and maybe Scarlet. It seems that Duke will probably get a fake death in this, and return at the end of the movie. At least I hope so; it would suck if they kill Duke off.
  • Great choice in casting Bruce! That means I will probably throw down some cash to see this. Anybody know what G.I.Joe character The Rock is playing?
    /hey kid, I'ma computer.
  • Dwayne Johnson is Roadblock.
  • I'll definitely watch this, I'm pretty good at switching my brain off to enjoy a silly action flick. It definitely looks less comic-like than the previous one (which I rewatched a few days ago!). To be honest though, I can understand the original cast not returning.. the original was kinda panned.
  • Since we are talking about GI Joe, I thought I would post this cool fan film I saw a while ago:
  • It's interesting how the sequel to the universally panned original actually has a better cast. I'm not quite sure how the producers managed that one.
  • It seems that i am the only one who really LIKES the first G.I.Joe Movie. I think it is one of the better "comic book kind of" movies. I liked the action, the humor, the cast.. and i didn´t get why everyone seems to dislike that movie. I had more fun watching GIJoe than i had with Transformers3.
    So, of course i am looking forward to the sequel, even when i don´t like it when they change the main cast from one movie to another.
  • I had more fun watching GIJoe than i had with Transformers3.

    That has to be the ultimate in faint praise. ;) Actually, no - that would be "I had more fun watching GIJoe than I had with Transformers 2."
  • You know this one looks pretty cool, and the icing on the cake. Bruce Willis!!!
  • What a waste of money .... :dry:
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    This looks so good, it's not even funny.
    The fact that the director gave a big 'f*ck you' to the first movie and (essentially) totally recast and rebranded the tone of it is ballsy and awesome in all the ways G.I. Joe should be. I loved bits and pieces of the first film, like the production design of the weapons, the absolutely awesome initial theatrical posters for them....
    ....and most of the costuming choices- but they were all so badly played-out, the film as a whole felt like a poorly-financed joke. I was sad to see the likes of Rachel Nichols, Dennis Quaid, and Marlon Wayans (all likable actors in their roles who genuinely wanted to work in the sequel) go (oh, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt- he hammed it up nice) but the vision of this new director looks pretty damn cool.
    Love that the Rock is in this. Love Ray Park. Love the dubstep cover of the White Stripes song in this. Love Bruce Willis playing 'Joe' himself . Love this.
    So ducking pumped.

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