Forum username different?

I've noticed something strange while I've been navigating. When I first come to, my correct username, rtrowbridge, appears where I would sign in. But as soon as I get into the forums, it switches to HitFilmer195259, which was the default username assigned to me when I first bought Ultimate and logged in here.
Is anyone else seeing this?
If I go back to Support or one of the other main areas, it reverts back to rtrowbridge (It kicked back to HitFilmer to make this edit). I thought multiple personalities helped with video work, but I never knew it was a requirement...


  • That is a strange one! I'm sure the web guys will get right on this in the morning. Thanks for letting us know.
  • Thank you for reporting this. It sounds like some of our web servers have got out of sync with your username. We'll check the code and see if we can find out what is causing this. As a short term fix I'd recommend temporarily changing your username to something else and then changing it back again. This should force the servers to resync and you should get the same username everywhere.
  • I get exactly the same problem so I will try the same solution. Thanks
  • The name change fixed it.

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