Weekly Vid' 2 "Bouyya" a No sense action scene. Lol

Hello everyone !
a month ago, I posted our first "Weekly Vid" and Today I wanna present you our new Vid !
After a "minecraft animation" series we decided to make a "No sens action scene" series with our Weekly Vid ! So don't looking for a story, Lol !

We know there is problems of light and of video resolution(new youtube version)...sorry 8-|

Next time in our "no sense action scene" MORE GUNS ,MORE INCOMPRESSIBILITY(is it correct ? :P )
Please Comment, impression, feedback ! :-?
See you ! :)


  • Any Feedback ? advice ? B-)
  • a Tripod would be highly helpfull and some improvement in camera framing. actors disappearing from the scene are no cool. Hope it helped
  • Yeah I didn't take my tripod for that vid' ( badly ^^ )
    I'm sure it will help us for the next video ! thk :)
  • edited December 2011
    And for the camera problems , I'm going to have a dslr Canon 550D EOS! ;)
    Any Feedback about editing ? impression?
  • I'm probably the last person on here to be giving advice, but the whole explosion scene needs work. Too much time passes when the guy throws the grenade to when it falls next to the other guy. I think the clip when the grenade reaches the other should be shorter.
    Also it seems like the grenade was only lobbed to the other side of the counter or whatever it was and the guy was hiding on the other side. I don't know, but I think the distance between you guys should have been greater to be more realistic. You threw the grenade too close to yourself. In real life you'd probably feel that.
    Check out videos in my sig and feel free to comment on mine. I'm just learning too. Just know they are all chock full of poor quality and poor taste.
  • Yeah you're not the only one to think that (time between grenade and explosion )
    Every Impression are interesting ! ;)

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