Lightsaber Glow Variation

So once I've made a lightsaber with a white layer masked out and a neon glow effect applied, what would be the best way to make the beam vibrate a little bit instead of just looking the same. Would I just go about making about 2 keyframes with a small difference in glow value and then copy and paste them over the whole thing, or is their a simpler way? Thanks!


  • Yeah, keyframing would probably be the best way to handle that at this point. That's a good feature suggestion for a future update, I will pass it on to the developers.
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    Hi Guys,
    If you duplicate the plane layer and apply the "Flicker" filter to a second glow layer under the first one and set it correctly the glow flickers. See Settings Below and Screenshot:
    White Plane #1
    Neon Glow(Effect)
    White Plane #2
    Neon Glow(Effect)
    Maybe someone will write a Saber Making Tutorial.
    Look here to check out mt latest sabers:
    The screen capture is about half way down.
  • Great idea, JediMaster33! I'd forgotten about the Flicker filter.
    Rest assured, there will be many tutorials coming in the near future, including some focusing specifically on lightsabers.

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