3D Modelling Request (Cat sat on a Horse)

Hi y'all,
I have an odd request for someone to help with a 3D model, for which I can remunerate a modest amount.
I'm looking for someone to model a horse, laying down but with head held high, and with a cat curled up on its back. The model doesn't need to move (its for 3D printing) and doesn't need texturing.
Ideally, I'd like a DWG file, but this is open for negotiation. The final output needs to be an STL file.
If anyone can oblige, and produce the model by next Monday (21st November), let me know and thanks very much!
Thanks for reading.


  • I can't model it, but out of curiosity, what is this for?
  • Have you looked at DAZ Studio? The base version is free and you can get animals for it pretty inexpensively, including horses and cats.
  • It's for my latest endeavour in the widely under-appreciated art of courtship.
  • I also indicate Daz Studio, you can assembler any scene into it. Theres a lot fo characters to use. I use Carrara here also and it can use Poser content. Daz Studio have a free version also.
  • FoxFox
    edited November 2011
    The millenium horse in DAZ - You can shape it to any race of horse colour and looks. Animate it fully - The animator in DAZ is very easy to use. Daz also have cat models and 100 of other models who might come in handy in any movie who needs animations combined with real recordings. Work with textures shading and light and it will look stunning ;o)
    DAZ 3D is the most powerfull tool you can get in working 3D ;o)
    No kiddn - Poser is way behind it

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