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    If you haven't already watched this, do so. Lots of good info in here, including tools you can use to transcode your video footage before importing into HitFilm.

    I recommend picking something from the list of recommended transcoders, installing it, then using it to transcode your problem file into a new one that truly has no audio.  I use MPEG Streamclip, and one of its export options is to export without audio.

  • @jsbarrett Someone's not had his coffee this :)

  • Oops!  Someone doesn't drink coffee, but is still not processing properly thanks to this infection.  Fixed.

  • I also have this problem that i hear it in the software but when i extract it the sound dissapears

  • PLEASE help me !!!! i have hitfilm express 2017...and i wanted to edit a video , but there's no sound ! the video needs to be ready for tomorrow...and the biggest problem is : i cannot speak english very well. because i am from Belgium. (i am dutch)

  • @akexiane You will need to give us more to go on about your video source and format.  If you can post MediaInfo tree information that will help.  You can download it here:

    You could also try transcoding to different format with Handbrake.  At the top of the All Discussions list is this link:

    @NormanPCN has several posts on the subject of transcoding, as well.

  • Also, take a look at Triem23's video on optimizing video footage for HF.

    Go to 19 min. into the video and he talks about using MediaInfo and also an issue with audio and HF.

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    @akexiane ; If you make no headway with Stargazer54's excellent suggestions, you could also upload a small clip of your footage to a cloud site and post a download link here in the forum for someone to check it out or if you're reluctant to broadly share it you could direct message the link to me and I would see what's going on with it if I can help.  But I am betting one of the previous suggestions is the answer.

  • pfff well thank you....:(

  • @akexiane After reading this thread: I wonder if you might need to check your levels in the Audio Mixer?

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    Is MTS compatible ?

  • Don't you love it when you are recommended this "amazing" free video software, then edit on it for four hours through a painstaking process of syncing audio and adding effects and then your audio stops working. I personally will never use hitfilm again and am taking my business elsewhere. This program is not easy to use for super simple things like syncing up audio or adding text. Farewell Hitfilm Express 4. *Imaginary middle finger*

  • @JonahIsANerd ; Sorry you had difficulty with the software.   I can only assume this is a trolling session. 

    However if not, I would suggest that you move up to the latest version of the Free software - HitFilm Express 2017.  HF4 Express is an older version.

    In all fairness, I cannot find any other posts by you on the Forum.   So, if you were having problems, then you would have been better served to ask a question.  People here are pretty friendly, knowledgeable and happy to help.  In fact, this Forum is a value added resource that comes for Free with the Free software.  If you are truly trying to learn then you must ask questions and do some homework.

    Any software package you are unfamiliar with will take time to master.  My advice is to start on smaller projects before biting off on a large time consuming effort that may fail due to lack of knowledge.   Follow the tutorials and practice with the software before attempting a large project.

    That being said, HitFilm is not perfect.  But neither is Photoshop, AE, Maya, Lightwave, etc.   But one thing you have to consider - even the big toys have bugs.  And they have been  in development for a lot longer.  AE was released 25 years ago and has a huge development staff backed by a large corporation. 

    HF has only been out since 2011 and is developed by a small staff at a small (but dedicated) company.  

    Plus, I don't see Adobe handing out free (current) versions of AE that will never expire.  

  • Hey everyone, I posted a comment on here a while back detailing my problem and have been delighted to have figured out how to finally fix it.

    You put the audio into Windows Movie Maker or another absolute garbage video-editing program and then export it. Then you take that exported file and stick it in Hitfilm for more advanced edits. There is no explanation for why the audio botches up in Hitfilm, I have not found one yet. That's how I solved the problem. Hope it helps!  

    Sorry that the mods on here have to deal with people's crap, but everyone gets frustrated with video-editing software one time or another. It comes with being passionate about something and then your tools stop working. I'm glad to be able to come on here and hopefully give an answer that works.

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    @HarkVorten ; Thanks for posting your solution! 

    I seem to recall that HF has trouble dealing with compressed audio (e.g. mp3) and works better with .wav.   So yes, exporting your audio to .wav from another program is a good solve.

  • I´m new to this software, but not to video editing.

    I´m having an issue where I can not hear the audio while in hitfilm, The files are mp3 and avi video.

    Cropping and editing work fine, and even the resulting mp4 is perfect with no audio issues. The only problem is that I have no sound while IN hitfilm express.

    Is there a setting to enable or disable audio in the software, or is the output only to speakers or am I missing something else? I use a logitech headset.

    Any help would be appreciated since as of now I am editing the audio in audacity and then using the edited clip to generate the video.

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    I'm gonna tag @CedricBonnier ;

    There have been a couple of known and odd interactions with Hitfilm and sound cards depending on what's plugged in where. Saying you're using a headset is tickling a half-remembered issue. 

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    I am in trouble I have edited many video clips spending a lot of time but I couldnt hear any audio. my audios were in MP4 format..........but not working..what is the real problem. I have also tried with clips having other audio formats.... but,  no  no ......any one help me please

  • hey i think you should by now have updated your software to allow .mts files from 2011 you still havent

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    @patsoto if you have a question ir comment, great. If you have nothing but profane insults, I'll be glad to keep deleting them. 

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