Production: Town Foolery

Hey guys. I haven't been around here or fxhome in a long time and dropping in to show you guys my bands new project called "Town Foolery".
Town Foolery is a collection of intertwining short films that all take place in the same town. The stories are all visual narratives to a corresponding song on our upcoming album. The first short film (or chapter) is called 'Jumping Border'. We have only so far shot one scene, we would have a second, but were rained out.


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    Definitely looking forward to this. It looks very promising! I almost always love your work, so I'm definitely excited about this.
    EDIT: After reading Froi's comment and rewatching the video there was quite a bit of noise from the mic, is there a reason for that?
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    Awesome! But I am not a fan of the sound when they are speaking, what mic. Are you using?
  • Thank you guys. Most of the fuzzy noise is actually the sound from the TV, but there is a lot of echo in the room because it that recliner and couch where the only soft things in the hug room we were shooting in (the room is a whole lot bigger than it looks and mostly empty). I've thought about re-dubbing it if I have too much trouble. For the audio, we used the audio-technica AT8015 which was plugged into a small juice link box to disable the auto-gain problems on my 7d.
    I don't know when I'll have more shots up, but I'll keep them coming
  • Wow, didn't even think of TV static as being the sound... Haha makes perfect sense though... Haha. Good stuff there!
  • Sounds like an interesting idea, I liked the rough cut (though I'd echo the sound concerns the others mentioned).

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