Endorphin ver 2.7

Hello all,
Just incase anyone out there is interested in this incredible promotion......
Natural Motion are offering Fully featured 'Endorphin V2.7' at a cracking price:
$999[size="4"][/size] ( Normally $10,000 per copy )
If this is your thing i suggest you move real quick as the offer ends on 31st Oct
Here's the link:


  • Such a deal!
  • edited October 2011
    Gee well now i can buy it 8-| :((
  • LOL @ Kahveh
    Me too, 10 copies please !
    Got an email with this offer so i thought i'd pop it on here, there are probibly quite a few small & developing VFX studio's across the globe who have jumped on the Hitfilm wagon and maybe full blown Endorphin at this price would fit nicely into their pipeline's without breaking their banks. Endorphine is a heavyweight in the VFX & gaming industries after all......Still, ill have to continue dreaming too. LOLOL
    Happy Hitfilming All
  • I guess I’ll keep dreaming too. Thanks Pscamm. ;)

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