Yes, PhotoKey Pro supports export of images with alpha transparency. If you wish to export the transparency information created when you key your image in PhotoKey (so you can use the keyed image in another application or for any other reason) then you will need to ensure that you export to a format that supports transparency data. The process to do this is quite simple.

  • First, make sure that you don’t have a background layer visible in your PhotoKey project.  In many cases, this is as simple as not importing a background. If you have imported a background, you can either delete it or turn off the visibility of the background layer before exporting by using the checkbox in the Batch Controls Palette at the lower right corner of the work area.
  • Second, make sure that you select an export format that supports alpha channels.  JPEG images cannot contain an alpha channel, and will therefore not work. We recommend PNG, as it creates a lossless image and fully supports alpha transparency.  TIFF also supports alpha channels.

Once you have made sure of these two things, you can export the iamge in the standard  fashion and the transparency created by the key will be embedded into the image.

One additional step (which is not required but can often prove useful) is to check the Key before exporting, using the Foreground Alpha view. Make sure that there are no grey areas present in the key which shouldn't be there, so that you export a key that is as accurate as possible.