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We’re currently in Austin attending SXSW but that’s not going to stop us from releasing the fourth free update for HitFilm 3 Pro. There’s another brand new effect added in today’s update, designed to make your life easier.

End credits crawl

In the previous update we introduced the Pulp Sci-Fi Title Crawl, which perfectly recreates Star Wars-style opening credits. Update #4 adds the End Credits Crawl, an effect designed specifically for scrolling end credits.

The effect is split into multiple design elements and automatically reflows text and adjusts the layout depending on the copy you provide. Formatting and layout for element titles, role descriptions and names can be adjusted independently, giving you a lot of flexibility within the core framework.

If you omit titles or roles, the layout will be automatically updated to still make sense. For example, here’s an alternative version of the previous example, with the ‘camera team’ changed to a two-column list of names:

That was achieved simply by removing the ‘roles’ and adding a title to the element. The effect adjusted the layout based on the data provided.

Due to the credits being created as a normal effect in HitFilm, you can then further customize the look by mixing in additional effects and techniques. For example, here’s a credits scroll turned into a 3D layer with extrusion, a rotating camera with shallow DoF and a dusty, atmospheric particle effect:

Factor in HitFilm 3 Pro’s ability to import 3D models and you’re suddenly looking at being able to make sophisticated credits sequences reminiscent of The Avengers and Pacific Rim. Whether it’s a simple scroll or something more complicated, HitFilm’s got the tools.

Art of the Title

Looking for inspiration? Your first port of call should be Art of the Title, an incredible resource for designers which highlights professional title sequences and interviews the creative people behind them. It covers movies, television and games and should be bookmarked by all.

Fixes & tweaks

Update #4 also includes a range of improvements to overall stability. Here are the highlights: